Dance With Wings

A multi generational family drama set in Gloucestershire and Florida, from the wartime years right up to the present day

Spring 1942

When the telegram arrived on a bright sunny day Nancy felt sick with dread. But instead of wartime bad news it was from the legendary Jackie Coltrane, asking her to fly for Great Britain. For Nancy, a girl with flying in her blood, it was an opportunity she simply couldn’t refuse. But that fateful decision was to trigger a series of events with consequences that would reverberate through generations.

Summer 2006

Sarah is at a crossroads in her life when her adored grandmother, Nancy, asks her to help lay the ghosts of the past to rest. Sarah agrees, little suspecting the long-buried and shocking secrets that will be dragged to the surface.
From the high drama of World War Two right up to the present day, this is a sweeping family drama that is both moving and unforgettable.