About Me

I have written stories for as long as I can remember. My first readers were my classmates when I was about 14 years old - I used to write steamy serials (12-15 episodes each) on exercise book paper! And I still write every word in pencil on A4 narrow feint paper before transferring it to my computer.

My first novels - The Hillsbridge series, beginning with THE BLACK MOUNTAINS, are based on my home town, Radstock, which was once the centre of the Somerset Coalfield. My father had worked as a 'carting boy' and THE BLACK MOUNTAINS, though fictional, includes many true stories he told me of him and his family. 

Of all the books I have written, my favourite is ORIENTAL HOTEL - my definitive romance. Recently I have much enjoyed writing gothic romances, and hope to soon produce a crime novel. 

When I am not writing, I enjoy amateur theatre - acting, singing and directing - and walking my little Italian dog, Millie. I work out at the gym and swim four or five times a week.
I have two daughters and four grandchildren - Tabitha, Barnaby, and Daniel, and Amelia, - I absolutely adore being a grandma. The children are a constant joy and I am lucky to live within an hour's drive of all of them. 

I also love travelling - researching exotic backgrounds gives me the perfect excuse! And on more relaxing trips to Spain and the Canaries I like nothing better than sitting on the patio in the sun with a glass of wine at my elbow whilst I write my next chapter.